Farset Milkman


Brand VSC

The Farset is a more contemporary restyle based on the signature elements of our own Hewitt. The traditional pin-buckle has been replaced with a chic turnclasp, perfect for those that prefer a more modern look and the ease of a clasp locking instead of a buckle. 

With the same structured body and single unlined compartment as the Hewitt, this bag is big enough to carry the daily essentials, such as your purse, phone and keys - making it the perfect everyday go-to bag. With an adjustable shoulder strap

Handcrafted in Belfast from our finest real leather, which has been specially dyed to create a soft mottling effect which will develop a lovely marbled appearance over time with use as the bag ages.

Available in colours: Plum, Fuchsia, Cobalt Blue & Red.

Size:  22 x 23 x 7cm (W x H x D) / Strap length:  110 - 130cm

The city of Belfast owes its nomenclature to the River Farset. Derived from the Irish phrase Béal Feirste, meaning 'the mouth of the sandbank' Belfast was founded at a sandy ford across the river. The Farset helped power Belfast as it became an industrial city, supporting the mills and factories that lined it's route.

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