We are the only UK leather satchel brand that operates as a social enterprise. With every satchel you purchase, a life is improved.

Why do we give?

We are committed to using our profits to make a difference and help people within our community live with dignity.   

How do we give?

1. Helping children in care

Vintage Satchel Company™ has recently become a brand of Madlug™ which is a movement that is focused on helping children in care carry their lives with dignity and not in bin bags.  This means that all the profit from the satchel or bag you purchase will enable Madlug™ to give more children in care dignity.

2. Supporting people with disabilities and health-related conditions

Vintage Satchel Company™ products are manufactured and fufilled by "Ulster Supported Employment & Learning" who have been giving supported employment to people with disabilities and health-related conditions for more than 50 years.